Alessandra Marra: Papers
Alessandra Marra

Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich

The Normativity of Logic    (2021)
Level: Master

Modal Logic: Theory and Philosophical Applications    (2021)
Level: Master

Philosophy and Economics, Bayreuth University

Philosophy of Economics    (2018)
Level: Bachelor

Social Epistemology    (2018)
Level: Bachelor

The Normativity of Logic    (2018, 2019)
Level: Bachelor

Philosophical Modal Logic    (2017, 2018)
Level: Bachelor

Introduction to Philosophy of Language    (2018)
Level: Bachelor

J.S. Mill: On Liberty    (2017)
Level: Bachelor

Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Bari University

Logic and Argumentation Theory    (2019, 2020)
Co-lecturer. Level: Master (Erasums+ Course)

Tilburg University

Ethics    (2016)
Co-lecturer. Level: Bachelor

Mentoraat: Ethics and Harming Theory    (2016)
Level: Bachelor (short module)

Logic, Language, and Information    (2016)
Guest Lecturer and Tutor. Level: Master

Mentoraat: Argumentation Theory    (2015)
Level: Bachelor (short module)

Mentoraat: Objectivity in Science    (2015)
Co-lecturer and Tutor. Level: Bachelor (short module)

Logic    (2014)
Guest Lecturer and Tutor. Level: Bachelor